Route discription


Due to recent traffic changes, the road to the hotel has become more complex. Recently, access to the 'gasstraa't has been blocked off. Therefore, the only access of the hotel is via the Hendrik Consciencestraat. You drive until to the end of the road, were you take a right, onto the pedestrian zone. This is accessible for all guests of the hotel.

!!!!!!!! Here you will encounter a submergible pole (shown in the image below). You can lower this pole  by putitng in the code 6666B on the numpad on the side of the driver!!!!!!!

After this you drive a on the pedestrian area. after a 100 meters you will find the entrance of the parking on the right.
. As shown below in the picture. You have to drive through the gate and at the end you reach the parking and reception.

Our parking can not be reserved. The parking lot is according to availability. If our parking is full, you will have to park along the streets.
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